Can evaluators remain unbiased?

Bias is the prejudice in favor of something, usually in a way considered unfair.

People have been talking about bias in evaluation—and research—since the beginning. It is the idea that if a person is favorable towards a program or perhaps wants to receive future contracts from that program, they are more likely to adjust their evaluations in a way that can lead to findings that are invalid, unreliable, and lack credibility. Continue reading “Can evaluators remain unbiased?”

Managing life using the Getting Things Done system

If you want to learn how to maintain productivity, then you need to read the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. This book is seriously a life-changer. I have used this system for the past few years and while I don’t adhere to his system 100%, the majority of his principles are extremely beneficial.

The Getting Things Done system has five steps: capture/collect, process, organize, review, and do. I’m going to discuss each step in turn. Continue reading “Managing life using the Getting Things Done system”